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SHARADA COLLEGE OF PHARMACY, is committed to changing the frontiers of possibilities for all who are keen on learning , are driven by an entrepreneurial zeal to innovate , have the empathy to use learning to help others and have the wisdom to see the limitless potential of technology. SHARADA COLLEGE OF PHARMACY, has committed itself to this empowerment through its highly educated, skilled and long-standing team of acclaimed professionals. Welcome to SHARADA COLLEGE OF PHARMACY, once again.The institute is actively involved with other professional , academic and charitable organizations.These relationships offer the opportunity to extend and enhance the institutions academic profile.All collaborative ventures relating to award – bearing taught programs are regulated within the university quality assurance mechanisms support centrally by the Academic Office working closely with Academic Departments.

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“I take this opportunity to welcome all of you Sharada College of Pharmacy. The aim of establishing of Sharada College of Pharmacy studies is to transform the students into the young professional and Dynamic leaders. As you might be aware that education is a tool to improve the social and economic development of the society. Keeping this in mind Sharada College of Pharmacy make the youth self discipline and self motivated to serve the society in best manner. At Sharada College of Pharmacy we provide the necessary infrastructure along with a team of qualified and experienced faculty to teach and make them good professionals. I assure you that we would leave no stone unturned to groom our students and make them a through professional who would be the torch bearer of the industry. ”



“The profession of pharmacy plays a significant role in raising the general health standards in the country with improved life expectancy and better quality of life with the use of newly developed medicines to control and eradicate several life threatening diseases. Pharmaceutical industry today needs professionals who can create miracles in the health ca re system using their expertise. This inspired me to enter into professional education and Gahlot Institute of Pharmacy came into existence in 2006. Every ca re and effort has gone into creating an institution of world class standards.I am pleased to welcome you all to this institution for a mutually rewarding interactions.”